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Recently, some research I was doing for a client led me down a rabbit trail relating to the nutrients in specific nuts.

Food Marketing: The Nutrient Edition

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Concern or curiosity about food and farms? Hopefully some of those questions can be answered in these words. 

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Your Nutrition Questions Answered by a Registered Dietician


Have you ever felt like the internet is a minefield of health, nutrition, and wellness information and you aren’t sure what is and isn’t good info? Ever wondered “What would someone who is actually qualified to talk about nutrition have to say”? Well, it’s your lucky day! Kirsti, a registered dietician who goes by @healthyandwholenutrition […]

Farm Practices

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A lot of farm practices can appear confusing or worrisome, especially if you have never been on a farm. Some of these are controversial and I want to help you understand what is actually happening on a farm and why it’s safer than you might think.



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Here you can learn more about what goes in to the food you eat, and how it gets safely to your table. We will talk about food safety, waste prevention, and more.


How It's Grown

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Learning how different foods are grown, along with the people who grow it, is a great way to feel better about what we are consuming. It is also so much fun to see where it all comes from and what goes into it!


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