Halo Beauty: His Body and Brain Booster: What did it do?

I hear people are usually skeptical of supplements that claim to enhance the quality of one's body and brain. People are especially skeptical when it comes to brain boosting supplements. How does it help the brain? What's inside? What, if any, are the side effects? These suspicions did not let up with the release of Halo Beauty's new product, the Body and Brain Booster.

Halo Beauty: Kiwi Seed Booster – Does it boost all skin types?

A few months later, Halo Beauty came out with a skin exclusive vitamin for those who only wanted to focus on improving the quality of their skin, known as the Kiwi Seed Booster. Along with all the ingredients from the original HSN supplements geared towards skin, they added a few more ingredients for this exclusive skin supplement to really ensure amazing results. After seeing many progress photos of those on Kiwi after a month (or two), I decided to try it for myself. *** June 24, 2019: "Hi Simon...

Gabbie Hanna medicates our souls

By Simon Heywood Cover art for Gabbie Hanna's new single, Medicate. Source: @GabbieHanna's Instagram With the release of Monster and Monster (Reborn) last Halloween, fans were wondering what would be online personality Gabbie Hanna's next move. Originally, she announced that she wanted to have an album out to her fans, known as showstoppers, by the…

Why we need to redefine politics and the “American Dream”: An open letter

Presidential Candidate for 2020, Ryan A. Farber (D). Source: Ryan Farber's Campaign Video Dear the United States of America, You've screwed up. We all screwed up. No matter where we fall on the political spectrum, we are all human. We are more similar than we are different. However, politics and our tendency to pursue our…

Honestly, We Can Be Free

A social media influencer who released two singles in the later half of 2017 and her own book of poetry and advice, has now broke the internet. At least to her 6.1 million subscribers on YouTube, her 3.9 million followers on Instagram, and her 2.6 million followers on Twitter... she has each and every one of her supporters starstruck because of her new singles, Honestly and Honestly (Encore).