Hello and welcome to “The Olive Branch” my name is Tracy. I want to thank you for setting time aside in your busy day to read this, I consider it an honor. I have decided to take the plunge and write a public blog, the encouragement my brothers and sisters in Christ have blessed me with has helped me take this leap of faith. You know who you are, so thank you.
Writing for me has always been an outlet, these blogs started as my journal entries. When I gave my life to Jesus almost 3 years ago I began to journal my prayers. It brought me comfort to know that more than the paper heard my cries for help. I felt God had extended an olive branch to me, by seeking Him I would find the inner peace and hope I was looking for. To “extend a olive branch” in our culture means to offer a way to end the fighting, an attempt at peace. God knew I was wrestling within myself with things that were bigger than me. I needed Him. At the end of 2016 I started my “God is good” journal and began recording the events where God’s love and glory was manifesting in my life. That way I could go back to my own story in times of trouble to help me remember how faithful and gracious God has been in my life. It took me less than a year to fill that book cover to cover. When I switched over to typing my journals I was able share them with others. The holy spirit would name drop, and I started forwarding the messages. I have been in awe of the positive responses and truly touched by my small group of reader’s encouraging words.
Since this is my first official post I want to set the record straight before I go any further. What you read on this site has been given to me from the Holy spirit. When I sit down to write I don’t have any clue what will spill out. I come armed only with a word or phrase of inspiration that God has given me, either from his word or through an obedient servant. I write it down with the context of how it fits in MY life. Then I go back and reread what I have written and the holy spirit will prompt me and I am given what is to come next. Then I repeat the process, sometimes I will get another line or a word that will trigger in my memory a scripture that fits. Then I go back and reread it. I am merely a recording tool that said yes to God. The mechanics to His fuel. When I start I don’t know the title or sometimes even the general topic I will end up writing about. But I do know that God is working through me, to help me. I never sought out to be an inspiration to others, it just happened to be a happy bi-product! Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Happiness is not a goal; it is a bi-product of a life well lived”. I write to survive, being told I inspire is merely a bi-product of me just trying to make it through the hand I have been dealt. I prayed God would use my pain for good and make it count. And once more he has answered my prayers.
If you don’t know me or my story, keep reading and you will soon enough. My hope for this blog is that it will remove any misconception that God is anything but love. We all have our doubts about who He is, what we mean to him and how truly big He is. I know I do. This is a recording of my journey through those doubts. It is at the darkest times in our lives that we seek to find him and he draws us near. He is in the healing that hasn’t happened yet. I know He loves me as the whole person I will become through healing not as the broken product this world has made me into. His love is the reason I turned to him, as it is the only source of healing for a broken spirit. This blog is the raw truth of how beautiful that healing can be. I pray you are blessed by it.
Many blessings and much more love,

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  1. I have watched your journey and I am in awe of God’s love and faithfulness. When you say yes, as you have, there is nothing God can’t do through you. Using your hands and feet he is able to lavish you and others you touch with his grace, and everlasting love.
    I am so honored to have been part of your journey. Your faith and devotion to God has helped me in my walk.
    I love and honor our relationship. I only have God to thank and of course thank you for being obedient.

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